Fees and Policies


Burial Plot $300
Burial Plot Opening and Closing $700
Burial Plot Disinterment $1,000
Cremation Plot $100
Cremation Plot Opening and Closing $250
Cremation Plot Disinterment $200
Columbarium Niche (1-2 urns) Inscription not included $1,200
Columbarium Inscription (Remco only) $500

Please make cheques payable to South Park Cemetery

  • Digging of graves to be done by South Park Cemetery only.

  • Grave covers are not allowed.

  • Monuments maximum height 36’’ / 91 cm.

  • Monument installations - cemetery contact must be notified.

Detailed Policies


  • "Cemetery" means land that is set apart or used as a place for the burial of deceased human bodies or other human remains or in which deceased human bodies or other human remains are buried.

  • "Cremains" means the ashes of a cremated human body.

  • "Columbarium" means a structure designed for storing the ashes of deceased human bodies.

  • "Niche" means a single space contained within a columbarium.

  • "Monument" or "marker" means any structure in the cemetery erected or constructed on any grave or plot, for memorial purposes.

  • "Plot" means a 5' x 10' area for the placement of deceased human bodies or ashes of deceased human bodies.

  • "Cremation Plot" means a 1' x 2' area for the placement of ashes of deceased human bodies.

  • "Committee" consists of president, secretary / treasurer, maintenance personnel and may include directors.

Duties, Rights and Powers

  • South Park Cemetery Committee shall have control over all matters concerning South Park Cemetery in accordance with the Alberta Cemeteries Act and Alberta Vital Statistics.

  • At least 2 South Park Cemetery Committee members must be informed about any major decisions, such as interments or reinter / disinterments.

  • The South Park Cemetery Committee is hereby authorized to remove any weeds, grass, funeral designs or floral pieces which may become wilted, or any other article or thing which, in the opinion of the cemetery committee, is unsightly.

  • If any tree, shrub or other plant situated in any plot shall, by means of its roots, branches or otherwise, in the opinion of the cemetery committee, becomes detrimental or dangerous to the adjacent plots or visitors to the cemetery, the cemetery committee may direct that the tree, shrub or other plant be pruned or removed.

  • Trees can only removed at the Discretion of South Park Cemetery Committee members.

Plots and Niches

  • Plots and niches may be obtained from the cemetery committee upon payment of the appropriate fee.

  • No plot or niche shall be used for any purpose other than as a memorial site or a burial site for deceased human bodies or human ashes.

  • No owner of a plot or niche may sell or transfer the same to any other person. All sales or transfers must be done through South Park Cemetery Committee.

  • South Park Cemetery requires a burial permit before interment.

  • Only South Park Cemetery shall open or close a plot or niche to inter/reinter/disinter in the cemetery.

  • No plot shall contain more than one (1) deceased human body in a casket and four (4) cremains buried.

  • No cremation plot shall contain more than two (2) cremains.

  • No niche shall contain more than two (2) cremains.

  • Niches to be inscribed by REMCO only.

  • Regardless of the specific wording of any sale agreement or other agreement between South Park Cemetery and a purchaser of a plot or niche, it is a condition of every agreement relating to the sale or use of a plot or niche, that the parties to the agreement expressly waive any right to claim against South Park Cemetery, arising by reason of any error or mistake in relation to the description of any burial plot.


  • No person shall install, erect, remove or place within the cemetery any monument, marker or structure without first obtaining approval from South Park Cemetery.

  • Monument maximum height 36'' / 91 cm.

  • A monument or marker placed upon any plot shall be maintained in proper state of repair.

  • No plot shall be covered or partially covered by concrete, stone or other type of slab, except where such a covering was already purchased prior to the coming into force of this bylaw.

  • Insurance for monuments is the responsibility of the purchaser and not South Park Cemetery.

Interments / Reinterments / Disinterments

  • Prior to any interment or reinter/ disinterment occurring, the appropriate permit issued by the Province of Alberta shall be provided to South Park Cemetery.

  • The owner or the person applying for the interment or reinter/disinterment permit shall be responsible for all costs and charges in connection with an interment or reinter/disinterment and shall comply with the requirements of this bylaw, the Alberta Cemeteries Act and Alberta Vital Statistics.

  • Only memorial companies or authorized burial vault companies with insurance are permitted to inter, reinter or disinter deceased bodies at South Park Cemetery, in which case South Park Cemetery is responsible for the opening and closing of the plots only.

  • All burials shall occur within the confines of a single plot.

  • Only South Park Cemetery is permitted to open and close interments and reinterments of cremains.

  • South Park Cemetery shall not be liable or responsible for any errors or omissions in relation to interments, reinterments or disinterments when the instructions provided to the South Park Cemetery were incomplete, incorrect or lacked specificity.

Cemetery Maintenance

  • South Park Cemetery may designate at least one day each spring for clean-up of the cemetery.

  • South Park Cemetery shall be responsible for the hiring for maintenance of the cemetery grounds.

Plot Maintenance

  • Only small shrubs and flowers are permitted to be planted on plots.

  • The planting of trees is not permitted.

  • Plot owners are responsible to maintain their plot.

Copies of these bylaws are available upon request.Revised May 2020